Mar 2, 2013


Andy in Israel

I feel very passionate about the need for travel because of the wisdom you will acquire. I always struggled to learn from books though I know lots of family and friends who can absorb knowledge easily that way. But the knowledge you gain by experience and by seeing your world.. there is no way to even write about it! It has to happen to you. Everyone has different aha! moments and different challenges which will build their identity and I believe we have to go out and find those outside of our comfortable routines. I know that time and money are factors for most people in terms of traveling but I also know lots of people who have made it happen despite those factors. Heck, I went to Israel for free! And my brother works 60 hours a week but he has still been to 4 continents! You have to want it. I want to inspire you to want it by sharing my stories and how they have made me a better person; stories of fun but also stories of tears. I may have never pulled an all-nighter to study for exams but I have spent years trying to understand the world up close as authentically as I can find.

trekking in Sapa Vietnam
Sometimes the moments that stand out the most from traveling are the moments I have been caught in monsoon rains on a motorbike, been caught in complete confusion when no one spoke English, ate disgusting food, had a terrible nights sleep,  been half hanging out the door of a packed public bus, or been hiking in ankle-deep mud with little Vietnamese girls holding both my hands to steer me down the mountain. Its being able to laugh at all that because.. well, that's life! And what about the times I ate amazing food at the place hidden in an alley with all locals, played giant Jenga, participated in the world's largest water fight, met a hunky Australian boy, taught Thai people how to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, took a yoga class in Hebrew, or spent the night in a Bedouin tent in the Israeli desert.

jenga in Laosdelicious food in Hoi An


Here are the journeys that made it into blogs..!

camels in Israel
40 Americans and Israelis
desert, mountains, Holy City, beach! 
yogis at Hindu Temple
from monkey temples in Katmandu to watching 
sunrise in the Annapurna Mountains
vietnamese costumes
delicious food from the South to the North!
    Boracay beach
    Chocolate Hills,
    Beach, Manila with locals 
tubing in Laos
Thai New Year celebration, tribe trekking, tubing on the river!

kids in Cambodia
TEFL Course, Phnom Pehn, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat

my K1 class

Read more about other countries from the "traveling yoga teacher perspective" in Yoga-ing the World.

My goal for my future journeys is to stay a bit more "off the beaten path," have less of a plan, learn more language, and let the universe provide.


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