Feb 25, 2013

Welcome to my page!

What makes a happy, healthy, fulfilling life..?

Luckily, different things for different people! That's what makes the world great.

Andy JacobsWe all have the same basic needs but we find different ways to fulfill them. I believe that the answer to the question above is to find such things as passion, purpose, activity, love... In other words, satisfying emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental needs. The key, though, is finding what can provide that for you.

I can honestly say that I feel a presence of these needs met almost everyday. But I was not always this way. The reason I want to share my blog with you is because I believe that if I can do it, you can too. That is because I am not an expert at any of this but I'm sure getting started! I meet people who are further ahead on this journey, and some who have yet to find a path at all; both are my teachers.

I enjoy writing about my experiences in travels, teaching, and cooking, sharing what I have learned and observed. Sometimes I write articles and sometimes I just like to post short thoughts, messages, and ideas right here on my blog.

I have certainly begun to live more mindfully and purposefully in the last few years so I hope to show you how simple it can be, and to inspire you to start questioning how you live your life. Its time to be happy and healthy, go where you like and pursue the things that interest you!

Andy Pandy standing bow thailand


  1. I read your entire blog last night! :-)

  2. I so appreciated reading your blog and hearing your heart! Thank You for sharing :)