Mar 2, 2013

Trying New Things

I try to do a couple things a week that are new or unique activities.
I try to do a couple things a year that are longer, more immmersive new activities. 

andy pandy skydiving

Things that sound scary at first... you know, "outside my comfort zone" things.
First I moved across the world to teach English, then I went to Yoga Teacher Training. I got very nervous before doing both of those things. Actually, just going to my very first yoga class was awkward for me, but my world was pretty much turned upside down after just a few months of practicing regularly...!

I enjoy and think it is important to be a beginner at something new all the time. At first, I always start thinking about how difficult this new thing is or how bad I am at it, then when I stick with it, I watch myself progress and prove myself wrong. I may even like being the klutzy newbie sometimes! You'd be surprised how much support you will find.

hiking in sequoia at mt whitney


baking with PattersonSome things I have tried at least once recently...  

Other styles of Yoga - Ashtanga, Gentle, Aerial, Acro
Hiking Mt. Whitney
Joining the Yelp group in Vienna
Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat
Kadampa Buddhist Center
Juice Fast 
Pole Fitness
Learning to drive a stick shift (always thought I was hopeless)
Learning how to cook (yes I really didn't cook until this year)
Learning how to non-cook (raw food!)
Learning how to make a blog! 


Ask your friends what they are doing.. Why not tag along?

acro yoga in perth australia

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