Mar 16, 2013

Pole Fitness

I know you have all wanted to try a pole dancing class at some point, just admit it! And why did you talk yourself out of it? You probably wanted a friend to go with you, couldn't get one to go, or maybe the times and locations haven't been right yet. I think for me those were all true... But I knew I'd get there eventually!

I finally had the perfect opportunity come up to try it and that is because one of my yoga students here in St. Augustine is a regular at Pole Fitness the way I am a regular at Bikram Yoga! Eva has a bubbly and kind personality and lives an inspiring healthy lifestyle (read her blog!), so if she always raved about this Pole Fitness, well I want in on that! She was really excited that I showed an interest and told me the class times, it was all so easy, how could I not go!?

I was a bit nervous to let loose, since I'm a bit shy. I think most women probably have the same mini fear of letting go, in public at least ;)  Let me just say that when you walk in there, you have no choice! The instructors are all so confident and sexy of course and they can bring you out of your shell instantly. As you do a few more lessons, you will not only shock yourself with confidence, but this will help you to perform better! The whole "strut" thing isn't part of a yoga practice so these Pole classes have helped me to feel more confident and freestyle a little bit.

The classes involve learning walks, dips, spins, climbs, etc. Work that upper body! And the core.. probably not using mine enough yet..! Expect some bruises on your shins and thighs and places you didn't think you'd get them! Best part is that you can dress fun too, high heels are awesome!

I also enjoy, as I mentioned before, that I like to be a beginner. In the first half of the first class, I get the thoughts like wow I suck at this, and I should give up now this isn't my thing, but then it is so funny how by the time class is finished I have already improved and can't wait to come back again! Oh, I remember when yoga felt like this! Actually some yoga classes still keep me humbled and inspired at the same time... I love to chase that feeling!

Watch this for a new respect for the strength and grace of pole dancing!

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