Nov 18, 2013

BEST Smoothie Ever!

 There is an amazing raw food restaurant in Santa Monica called Euphoria Loves Rawvolution. I'm pretty sure that many raw food restaurants around the country were inspired by and adapt recipes from them.

I had the best smoothie of my life there!

At $9 for a small glass though, I knew I had to stop pretending like it was so hard to make at home since I obviously can't afford a habit like that..

So I finally started buying young Thai coconuts..  Once I hacked open my first at-home coconut, I remembered why I loved being in Thailand so much... that juice is SOO much better than any bottled coconut water. Like x100, really. And you get the coconut meat which is probably the key to this smoothie.

Anyway, once you track down these 3 ingredients, the process is simple, not to mention fun... (c'mon, hacking open a coconut is cool).

    Spirulina Smoothie     

            - coconut water and meat from young Thai coconut
            - scoop of protein powder- vanilla or chocolate
            - 1-2 tsp of spirulina powder

*Please be warned, spirulina smells terrible! It's algae. But its packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, plus it excels when paired with protein. I promise once you mix it with the other delicious ingredients, you can unplug your nose.

*I used Garden of Life protein powder and Stakich spirulina powder, both from amazon (I just got into using Amazon and especially for stuff like this, it's way cheaper)

*The coconuts are of course available at Whole Foods, but also at Vons and possibly your local store. You'll need a a heavy knife or cleaver to open them, but at $10 on Amazon, its a good investment (and you keep all your fingers). Scrape the meat out with a spoon.

Here's a video on how to best chop the coconut, good tips even if you've done it before.


  1. Hi there! found your blog via MindBodyGreen -- loved your last post!

    Just wondering if there's a good way to obtain coconut meat that isn't directly from a coconut....opening one on my own seems rather daunting.

  2. Hi Isabelle! Hmm, I have never seen the meat sold anywhere but I'm not sure. You get better with the cleaver the more you do it, plus it's fun to play with coconuts!