Sep 13, 2013

What Did I Once Despise and Now Can't Get Enough Of?

Have you ever noticed that if you hate a food, but eat it enough times, you can eventually like it? Hopefully the idea that it's healthy motivates you to keep trying it. I happen to hate coffee and see no reason to try it over and over cuz then I would have a pricey addiction. As a kid, I barely liked any foods. I lived off of pb&j. I can't even believe how much I enjoy eating almost every food out there these days. It gives me hope that people can always change if they wish to!

You just have to give something a few tries before you make up your mind. I bet you have some favorite hobby/band/food that you know people might not like at first and you would say, "wait wait just give it another chance, I promise you will love it!" Ha.

Anyway, here are some things I really used to hate. I really thought I'd never see the day I could enjoy any of it. Not only do I like these things now, I LOVE these things now..

1. Sushi. I didn't like any form of seafood until last year. I was so missing out.. Don't forget lots of wasabi!

2. Vinyasa yoga. I used to only like one style of yoga, that is nothing like vinyasa. Finally I opened my mind to it and ended up learning so much.

3. Swimming in the ocean. I used to be fine to go sun bathe on the sand and not go in. But the salty ocean is so refreshing.

4. Humidity. Makes my skin better, makes the ocean feel better, makes my muscles feel better, and I can't stand being cold! (obviously thats my next feat..)

5. Dubstep music. There's something peaceful about it where you can get lost in your head but also focus at the same time..

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