Jul 12, 2013

I’m the Epitome of “First World Problems”

*In no way am I joking or being light about third world problems. Yes, those are still are big issue which will remain a concern.*

With that disclaimer out of the way… you may have heard the phrase “first world problems” lately…

I don’t like to use new age slang and I’m not into twitter and all those hash tag phrases that are bothersome captions for facebook photos.

But “first world problems” is a useful term for me.

One time I was telling a fellow yoga teacher (a much older wiser man) that I wanted to get some acupuncture and he asked why. I said for stress and anxiety. He chuckled and just looked at me and said “how are you stressed..?!”

Yeah, I get it. I’m this girl who has the world at her fingertips. I can travel the world, I can do yoga all day, people help me out with transport, housing, planning, and I’m never far from a beach.

..And I’m stressed out?

Somebody slap this girl upside the head.

So, what's my "problem?": where to go next, when to go, with who, how long, which yoga, which flight, which dinner salad!!?

First world problems right?!

The problem with having a head clear of concerns for spouse, kids, pets, finances, and obligations, the problem with having the world at my fingertips……?


Abundant opportunity is stressful. Which awesome thing should I do next? There, I said it. That is my first world problem.


  1. Agreed! I just quit my job to travel (first stop Costa Rica!) and I'm a little overwhelmed at all of the options. I'm considering a YTT and have been researching them for several months. I'm a new reader and dig your blog so far. Look forward to reading more!

  2. first world or third world... either way, this made me smile. It's great to know that you are setting an example of consciousness for one's self. That acupuncture move was awesome! Great for mental health! Small things like these make motivates me to be more mindful. In the other hand, I wish the individuals involved in the third world problem or merely happened to be in the situations like... are at this level of consciousness, being mindful of one's self. I have been practicing this coz it's one way to change the world. big hug

  3. I love this blog! Hilarious. But whatever motivates you to diversify is A-okay by me.